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About OnConference


OnConference was founded in 2002 by Nortel Networks veterans with over a decade of experience building, supporting, and selling telecommunications products to the largest companies in the world.

In the wake of the telecommunications build up of the late 90s, major multi-national players had overbuilt their infrastructures and had excess capacity. OnConference was able to secure deals to put that capacity to work as a virtual network operator.


Chris Corner, CEO

Co-founder and CEO. When not at onConference he runs, cooks and is always on the lookout for live music.

  Chris Corner, onConference COO
Jerry Everett, onConference President

Sheri Moffat, Customer Service

Sheri is primarily responsible for customer service and managing all accounts. When not at onConference she is playing road or ice hockey with her kids.

You always have our personal guarantee. From sign-up, to the start of your first conference call, we want to exceed your expectations.
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We supply more than 10,000 companies in over 90 countries.

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OnConference is committed to corporate philanthropy and community involvement. We have supported The Ottawa Rowing Club's Adult Rowing League, Causeway Foundation's Cycle Salvation and World Vision's efforts in Myanmar.

Ottawa Business Acheivement Awards, 2008 OnConference received recognition from our community and peers when nominated for a 2008 Ottawa Business Achievement Award. We are extremely pleased and proud of our silver place finish.
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