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You’re happier, healthier when you work from home

Do you feel better about yourself?

You should.

The benefits of telecommuting go beyond work productivity and quality.

We aren’t even talking about the money you and your company will save — you, traveling to the office; them, the real estate, utilities and supplies you need to get your job done.

We’re talking about the overall health benefits you will notice when you start to spend more time at home.

telecommuting freedom

We’re better at being

A 2010 study at Durham University in the United Kingdom showed workers who have more control over their work schedules are physically and mentally healthier than their peers.

Researchers linked flexible work schedules, telecommuting and partial retirement to health benefits.

The benefits include:

✓ Lower blood pressure

✓ Lower heart rate

✓ Better quality sleep

✓ More overall energy throughout the day

Dr. Clare Bambra, one of the researchers, noted the benefits don’t necessarily derive from our work schedules. More likely, “the control at work is good for health.”

That ties to another, more recent survey that found telecommuting workers see improvements in stress level, morale, productivity and absenteeism.

Peace from the office

Yet another study, conducted in 2011, showed telecommuters are less stressed and have higher job satisfaction, and learned the reasons why.

Kathryn L. Fonner, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Michael E. Roloff, at Northwestern University, asked 200 workers about stress levels, job satisfaction and work-life balance.

The remote workers reported three key reasons for their relaxed attitudes toward life and employment:

1. They’re free from office politics.
2. Meetings and interruptions are less frequent.
3. They’re out of the office quicker because they don’t have to commute.

We telecommuters have it a bit easier, although we have to make more effort to be “visible” to our colleagues and supervisors.

Me? Working from home allows me more time to schedule runs and bikes, walk the dog or spend time with my long-distance fiancé (he works remote, too).

All those side benefits make for a happier, healthier me, not even considering a micromanaging boss peering over my shoulder at every turn.

How about you? Have you noticed any changes in your health since you switched to telework?

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Audio control helps you manage your web conference

web conferencing

It’s important to make sure your web conference runs smoothly from all angles.

That means keeping your audience focused and listening.

OnConference Presents! gives your web conference chairperson complete control over the presentation, from start to finish.

Once you’ve launched your Presents! presentation window, you’ll see the Audio Controls box. From there, you can enter phone numbers to dial out and bring in new participants. The Phonebook even gives you one-click access to your contact list to make finding their phone numbers easy.

web conferencing

Audio controls are available before you start a web conference, making it convenient to doublecheck your participant list and call in anyone who needs to be there.

You also have access to other audio features:

✓ Operator: One-click access to OnConference’s 24/7 support
✓ Mute: Cancel sound from your own end to suppress any background noise or distractions
✓ Listen Only: Put your participants on mute unless you want questions and interjections
✓ Unmute: Clear the way for your participants to speak freely
✓ Continuation: Not sure what this is
✓ Lock: Stop additional participants from joining or dialing in

Audio controls are part of your OnConference Presents! experience. There’s no extra charge to use them.

And, hey … thanks for using OnConference as your conference call service provider. It means a lot to us and we want to make sure your conference calls operate smoothly.

We offer a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, you will not pay. We will refund all of your charges if you’re not satisfied with your conference call or web conference.

We’re always available to answer your questions. OnConference operators are available 24/7 on every conference call and web conference. When you need us, we’ll be there for you.

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