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Telecommuting truth: You’re on your own

telecommuting womanA good telecommuter requires several traits.

She should work well independently, but be an ace communicator.

She should be flexible and have a knack for prioritizing tasks and projects.

She should be able to recognize the distractions at home that differ from in the office — and be able to minimize them.

Most important, she must be self-motivated and self-disciplined.

There is no cubicle mate to chat with and help organize the thoughts in her mind.

There is no manager to see her slacking and give her a kick in the … er, gentle nudge in the right direction.

Heck, our ability to be productive with minimal supervision is one of the top reasons we are the chosen ones.

Without a healthy amount of discipline, we would underperform and thus endanger our ability to work from home.

It’s easy to flop on the couch for a dose of Netflix binging.

It’s easy to lose ourselves in folding the clothes or sweeping the dog hair up off the floor.

It’s easy to chat away some time on the phone with Bestie or Mom.

Maybe you just got distracted.

Maybe the next task on the to-do list seems daunting or maybe forgettable.

It needs to be equally as easy to get yourself back on track, though, and that’s where self-control kicks in.

A good idea might be to use those easy, distracting moments as rewards.

Give yourself a chance to watch a couple of shows or take care of a few dishes but only after you’ve plowed through that daunting task on the list.

Call a friend to go for lunch or coffee but only after you’ve let the boss know the job is getting done — and done well.

Tackle that next project and you’ll feel better for it. You know it’s off your list and you can relax, even though you know more to-do items are likely sitting in your email inbox or project-management assignments.

Working from home will only work if you make it work.

Our managers and companies have given us the trust and we can’t break it.

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Quickstart gets your conference call started quickly

Sometimes you need to start a conference call quickly.

Or, you have a standing weekly meeting for your remote team to collaborate and innovate.

Maybe you just want the quickest, most convenient way to start you call.

conference call operator

You can make accessing your conference call easier on OnConference. Our Quickstart feature allows participants to get a meeting started without a chairperson.

It lets your participants bypass the seven-digit passcode and get a conference call started.

You must call us to enable this feature before your conference call. Give us a ring at 1-800-804-8608 from within North America or +1-514-282-4047 from outside North America.

We have another neat feature that lets your conference call continue in case your chairperson needs to leave.

Continuing your conference call

Unless you’ve enabled Quickstart, your conference call can only begin when your chairperson dials in. The call also ends when the chairperson leaves the call.

If, however, your chairperson activates the Conference Continuation feature, by pressing *8 on his phone touchpad, the call can go on without him.

This is a good idea if your team wants to carry on a creative discussion and your presence is no longer necessary.

It can also be a great failsafe if you’ve dialed in on a mobile phone and you’re worried your call might get dropped.

Where are my codes?

All participants require the access phone number, 1-866-305-1460, and the seven-digit access code for your OnConference subscription. You can find your access code in the Important Conference Information email we sent you and on the OnConference wallet card.

If your participants are outside the United States and Canada, they can access OnConference conference calls with the toll-free or toll-access international access phone numbers. When your guests call the toll-free numbers, your account incurs all charges.

Participants in countries with no access phone numbers can call the International Access Phone Number, 1-416-620-1296. They, however, pay long-distance charges for accessing the call with this number or with the toll-access numbers.

Around-the-clock help

We are available 24/7 to ensure your conference calls and web conferences go smoothly. Press *0 during your call to talk to an operator or 00 to have a conferencing operator join your call.

Give our Operator Support Conferencing Centre a call any time at 1-800-804-8608 or +1-303-389-4086 for questions about access codes, access phone numbers, features or technical issues.

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