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Quickstart gets your conference call started quickly

Sometimes you need to start a conference call quickly.

Or, you have a standing weekly meeting for your remote team to collaborate and innovate.

Maybe you just want the quickest, most convenient way to start you call.

conference call operator

You can make accessing your conference call easier on OnConference. Our Quickstart feature allows participants to get a meeting started without a chairperson.

It lets your participants bypass the seven-digit passcode and get a conference call started.

You must call us to enable this feature before your conference call. Give us a ring at 1-800-804-8608 from within North America or +1-514-282-4047 from outside North America.

We have another neat feature that lets your conference call continue in case your chairperson needs to leave.

Continuing your conference call

Unless you’ve enabled Quickstart, your conference call can only begin when your chairperson dials in. The call also ends when the chairperson leaves the call.

If, however, your chairperson activates the Conference Continuation feature, by pressing *8 on his phone touchpad, the call can go on without him.

This is a good idea if your team wants to carry on a creative discussion and your presence is no longer necessary.

It can also be a great failsafe if you’ve dialed in on a mobile phone and you’re worried your call might get dropped.

Where are my codes?

All participants require the access phone number, 1-866-305-1460, and the seven-digit access code for your OnConference subscription. You can find your access code in the Important Conference Information email we sent you and on the OnConference wallet card.

If your participants are outside the United States and Canada, they can access OnConference conference calls with the toll-free or toll-access international access phone numbers. When your guests call the toll-free numbers, your account incurs all charges.

Participants in countries with no access phone numbers can call the International Access Phone Number, 1-416-620-1296. They, however, pay long-distance charges for accessing the call with this number or with the toll-access numbers.

Around-the-clock help

We are available 24/7 to ensure your conference calls and web conferences go smoothly. Press *0 during your call to talk to an operator or 00 to have a conferencing operator join your call.

Give our Operator Support Conferencing Centre a call any time at 1-800-804-8608 or +1-303-389-4086 for questions about access codes, access phone numbers, features or technical issues.

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The tools I need to telecommute

The boss says you can work from home.

Or, you just landed a cherry remote job that will keep you home full time.

Likely, the company is setting you up with all the tools you need to accomplish your work tasks.

You’ll get:

✓ A good laptop
✓ Remote desktop applications to connect to the company system
A conference call account, like OnConference’s
✓ An email address along with accounts for the company intranet, instant-messaging software and project management system

You’ll need to set up your office as you see fit. Get a desk and chair, high-speed internet and a phone line. Many companies won’t accept your mobile or a VOIP program as “good enough.” They want a landline.

But now you need to get through the day.

telecommuting tools

How to make working from home work

If you’re new to telecommuting, you might want to take a look at my list of things I need to survive.

Some of them are tools to help make my tasks easier; others help fill the silence or make the day a little more comfortable.

1. My tablet(s)

Yes, I have two. Blame it on a panic attack when I had a hardware issue on my first one. I have an Acer Iconia A500 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Both are equipped with a several news reading apps that I use to learn more about the industries about which I write.

Without them, sharing content on my clients’ social media accounts would be much more difficult. Their portability allows me to do my job from any … ahem … room.

2. A good headset

Again, I have more than one. I have a reliable wired set that plugs into my laptop and I have a Bluetooth set that connects to my mobile and tablets. When I’m on the phone or participating in web conferences, I’m hands-free and easily taking notes.

3. OneNote

Many opt for Evernote, but I like Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking app. I take notes, save pictures and screen captures, track story ideas and manage projects — all in one place. It also lets me share individual notebooks with clients for content revision. It integrates seamlessly across my platforms, so I can access all my notebooks from my laptop, tablets and mobile phone.


I have limited budgets for several of my clients’ blogs. But every blog post needs a picture for that visual impact, right? is a decent repository of stock photography that’s free, just like the URL says. You just have to provide proper credit to the photographer and website.

5. Canva

My graphic design skills range from inept to barely functional. Canva helps me build infographics or somewhat decent-looking images for the occasional standalone photos for Facebook sharing.

6. Music

I needed music when I worked at an office. I lost myself in the lyrics, guitar, drums and bass, drowning out the chatter in cubicles around me. Some research, cited by a Fast Company article, says employees who listen to music complete their tasks more quickly and come up with better ideas than those who don’t.

The music improved their mood.

I’ve brought the habit home while tip-tap away on the keyboard. The difference now? I don’t need to use headphones.

7. A good pair of slippers

I don’t really need to explain this one, do I?

8. Somewhere to go

Occasionally — very occasionally, thank goodness — my Internet connection goes out or the whole neighbourhood loses power. Yep, it can happen.

I’ve identified a few places less than 10 minutes away where I can plug in and get back to work if I’m on a tight deadline.

It’s always good to have a backup plan.

Your turn

What do you need to get through the day? What tools can’t you live without for your telecommuting hours?

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