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It’s All About You with “my Account” access.

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About the only thing that isn’t “online” around here at onConference is online access to your account information. But all of that is about to change.

Now, access your account with a simple login using your existing access codes. The same access codes used for a conference call.

Get a complete view of your account. You can access any invoice, see a complete payment history, or review your usage and charges for recent conferences.

Change your payment and invoicing details. Update your credit card number, change your payment options, make a payment, or choose how your invoice is delivered.

Manage your chairpersons: Add another chairperson to your account or deactivate someone who left. (Ok, maybe only their access codes.) Keep your address and phone number current and stay in control of your email delivery preferences.

Go to our website and select “my Account”. If you’ve forgotten your access codes you can have them sent to you.


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