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An Email to Anticipate

Few emails are as anticipated in my inbox as Fairmont’s Great Rates, Great Dates series.

For those unfamiliar with Fairmont Hotel’s Great Rates, Great Dates promotion they send a monthly email advertising discounted prices (Great Rates) at their hotel properties available through a limited range of days (Great Dates).

Since we email our customers monthly, I sat down to think about what makes Fairmont’s email such an anticipated arrival. Perhaps there is something onConference can learn from Fairmont Hotels. Here is what I observed about anticipation of the Great Rates, Great Dates promotion.

  1. The anticipation is highest when I am planning a trip, vacation or getaway. Little about the email or promotion itself motivates me to make a reservation. (Which might be something of a disappointment to the good folks at Fairmont.) But when there is a getaway being planned,  a quick following thought is when is the Great Rates, Great Dates email arriving.
  2. Because the offer is made monthly,  and sent at the same time each month (the first few days), I remember the Fairmont promotion all through the year.  The precise and predictable frequency of the sale is far more effective than a seasonal or special sale that happens unpredictably. Since I know it happens regularly, I can anticipate it. It is impossible to anticipate an unplanned event.
  3. The enduring value is the regular opportunity to get a fantastic hotel, from a personally esteemed brand, at a great price.  The Fairmont properties are some of the best and most recognizable in the world. The same offer from a less admired hotel would not stay with me. So the offer is anticipated because it has enduring value.
  4. The offers are exclusive to me. (Well they are exclusive to President’s Club Members.) And while I doubt anyone is refused membership from Fairmont’s President’s Club the air of exclusivity adds to the anticipation of the email. It feels like it is just for me and that adds to the anticipation.

Overall the key take aways for me are:  A known offer, delivered at a consistent time, offering compelling value from an esteemed brand makes the email one to anticipate.

The email itself has some interesting features that make it stand out in my inbox, but that is the subject of another post.

Rather than travel you should, of course, host a conference call using onConference.  But if you are planning to travel I recommend the Great Rates, Great Dates promotion from Fairmont.


Fairmont President’s Club Member

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