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Spread your news with a Twitter hashtag

We live in a sharing world.

Sometimes you’ll have a conference call or a webinar and you want the news or information to spread out like wildfire.

You can post your webinar slides on your website, write a blog post or issue a press release.

What about in the moment? Your call or webinar participants can help you get your company story out on social networking platforms.

Maybe you’re launching a new product, service or support. Maybe it’s Q3 and you have some healthy numbers to reveal.

Or you have research and data analysis to share.

You can encourage your participants to discuss the call or webinar on Twitter while they’re engaged with what you’re presenting.

For example, Hubspot often holds webinars on how to use social media networking platforms for marketing purposes. The webinar participants spread the information on their personal Twitter accounts and Hubspot reaches a great audience with their information and education.

It can bring a whole new group of potential customers to your company or business.

Pick a #hashtag

What’s a hashtag? If you’re new to social media and the idea of live tweeting, a hashtag is a keyword phrase starting with a pound sign.

A hashtag creates an easy way to search for your discussion and have a stream of the tweets your participants posted to Twitter.

Here are a few tips for using a hashtag for a conference call or webinar:

1. Check if anyone else is using it.

You don’t want your conversation stream filled with irrelevant Tweets. Make sure no one else is using the hashtag before you get start by first checking it in Twitter Search.

2. Announce your hashtag.

Make sure your participants know you’re encouraging the conversation on Twitter. Post it on the call/webinar registration page and remind your participants before and during the presentation or discussion.

It also allows those who can’t participate to search for the stream afterward to see the conversation.

3. Follow and join the conversation.

We like Tweetchat to follow along with the live, constantly refreshed conversation that can happen with a hashtagged webinar.

But we know it can be difficult to manage a live discussion and check your Twitter feed. Engage a helper to respond to any questions that may arise on Twitter or reply to comments. If that isn’t possible, make sure you check the conversation when your call or webinar ends to engage the people who helped you spread your information.

4. Monitor the hashtag stream for a day.

The Twitter conversation is very organic. It can continue long after your call or webinar has ended. Keep checking the stream to ensure you’ve engaged with your community and responded where necessary.

5. Thank your live-tweeting participants.

Send everyone who tweeted an @ reply and thank them for growing your audience. It’s just good manners.

Have you live tweeted any conference calls or webinars? Do you have any tips for getting your community engaged?

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