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5 tips for creating a webinar invitation they can’t refuse

One of the worst feelings in the social world is inviting people to a party and nobody shows up.

Am I right?

It would be just as uncomfortable to schedule a webinar or web conference and have no one sign up to attend.

The OnConference Meeting Manager at least takes away the stress of coming up with an invitation, how to send it out and creating an enticing message your guests can’t refuse. Meeting Manager is our free web-based conference call and web conference scheduler. Any OnConference chairperson can send a customized invitation email to guests with everything they need to access the meeting.

The Meeting Manager interface allows you to input all your conference details and send out invitations, either from manual input or an uploaded CSV file.

Now you want to make sure your guests sign up and become participants.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a good conversion rate for your webinar and web conference.

1. Write a meeting description that sings. You need to create some urgency with your messaging and make sure your guests think ‘that’s something I can’t miss.’ Get to the heart of the matter and tell them how your webinar or web conference is going to change their lives, solve their problems, save them money or — even better — make them money.

2. Keep your meeting description short and sweet. You don’t want to turn guests off with too much information. Offer just the salient points, maybe even in bullet form with an introductory paragraph, and wrap it up with a striking call-to-action.

3. Add a picture and description of your presenter. Let your guests get to know who’ll be speaking to them and revealing untold secrets. I like to research people before ‘meeting’ them and knowing their expertise level makes me more inclined to set aside the time for a webinar.

4. Be mindful of time zones. You might have a broad appeal across time zones. Pick a time for your web conference that makes the most sense for your anticipated audience.

5. Include a contact email for potential participants to ask questions. And have someone available to respond! You want to be as open and available as possible. You can even shape your presentation by learning what special circumstances some guests have regarding your subject matter. If people feel involved in the presentation beforehand, they are more likely to attend to see if you answer their questions.

And don’t forget to set Meeting Manager to send a reminder email for your webinar or web conference. It’s a good idea to send one 24 hours in advance of your event and maybe another one a few hours beforehand. Make sure you highlight the key aspects of your presentation in the reminder message and encourage your guests once again to participate.

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