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OnConference supports local holiday card campaign

OnConference believes in giving back to the community.

For four years, we have helped raise funds and boost awareness for the Causeway Work Centre‘s Holiday Card Campaign, an initiative — based in Ottawa, Canada — designed to empower individuals overcoming disabilities and mental health issues.

Causeway is a nonprofit agency which aids residents facing physical and mental disabilities with job search and employment opportunities, helping them live more independently. The Holiday Card Campaign is among the Causeway Work Centre’s major fundraisers. Established in 2000, it has raised more than $120,000 for Causeway programs and services.

“We are incredibly pleased to help this local campaign,” says OnConference CEO Jerry Everett. “The Causeway Foundation creates economic and life opportunities for those who are disadvantaged.”

As entrepreneurs, Everett and COO Chris Corner have great appreciation for the industrious work of the Causeway staff, volunteers and members.

“Its efforts are very entrepreneurial,” Everett says. “Helping these individuals find jobs and lead more independent lives supports the Ottawa economy and improves our city.

“OnConference is very grounded in our local community and we want to support causes who fly a similar flag. It’s important to use to support the community locally and to promote causes our customers are interested in.”

Corner represented OnConference at the recent 2012 launch party, where participants were encouraged to purchase packs of seasonal cards featuring the donated work of Ottawa artists.

Here he is on the left with good friend John Franklyne.

OnConference wishes the Causeway Foundation the very best with their 2012 Holiday Card Campaign. If you’re in the Ottawa area, look for the cards in a variety of retailers around the region. They’re listed on the Causeway Foundation website where you can also order the cards online.

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