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A lighter side of telecommuting

Everyone has been taking the issue of telecommuting so seriously lately.

And they have every right to. When Melissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, demanded all teleworkers return to the office this summer, we rushed to defend the practice of working from home.

In effect, she threatens the livelihood of telecommuters around the world when studies and research have shown we are more productive, happier and more engaged with our companies. We aren’t the distant slackers like Yahoo would have many believe.

A well-managed telecommuting program runs seamlessly and everyone is happy.

But we telecommuters, we’re still tied to our computers for most of the day. And since that means we’re in a home office or at the kitchen table, there’s a different list of distractions and sources of stress.


Every time the email goes bing, these clothes go one more hour without being folded.

These sit within my peripheral eyesight, mocking me with every bit of dust collected and item added to the to-do list.

These only get worn on special occasions.

This cost $200 because the old one caught fire from overuse. (No, really … I thought it was steam coming up through the cracks but it was smoke.)

And this guy thinks he’s being neglected because he isn’t getting walked every minute of every day that I work at home.

Have no fear. The laundry will get done, the weights will get lifted and the dog will get walked.

Just as soon as I get this one thing done … oh nuts, I have conference call in four minutes. Never mind.

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  1. Posted 2013/03/27 at 14:37 | Permalink

    Cute post! Is that your intern in the last pic? Next performance review let him know that he needs to get off the floor and make you a coffee. ;)

    • amacisaac
      Posted 2013/03/27 at 15:10 | Permalink

      I like that idea. I think he would be willing to work for low pay, like leftover chunks of steak!

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