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OnConference supports innovative fashion group

Imagine for a moment that you forgot your phone at home.

Your heart races, you start hyperventilating and you feel light-headed.

You just stepped out of the house for a minute, but you were expecting an important email.

Oh wait a second … you can access your email on your watch and, hey, your Google Glasses are sitting on the dash of your car.

Whew. You’re still connected.

Wearable technology is taking off.

And what if your wearable technology regulated your body temperature, monitored your heart rate or started glowing when the sun dipped beyond the horizon?

An organization that sponsors is exploring those possibilities.

Pairing fashion and technology

MakeFashion, based out of Calgary, Alberta, introduces talented high-fashion designers to cutting-edge technology, subject matter experts and wearable technology. The non-profit pairs designers with engineers, hackers and geeks to make your clothing and accessories cool, functional and spectacular.

Pairing fashion and technology

The illuminated “Nebula” necklace by designer Vlad Lavrovsky

The organization, founded by Shannon Hoover, Maria Hoover and Chelsea Klukas, made a huge splash at CES 2014 in Las Vegas earlier this month. CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. stood out among the crowd to capture international media attention, including the Photo of the Day in the New York Daily News.

We’re very excited to support MakeFashion in its quest to unite fashion and technological performance.

As a provider of conference calling and web-conferencing services, we’re happy to stand alongside an emerging technology and help an organization that is doing some really cool stuff.

“Our services, while they are telecom and technology centric, are used by a broad range of people from every conceivable business and organization,” says Jerry Everett, our CEO.

We think the wearable technology that MakeFashion promotes will appeal to our clients and customers, who use technology in almost every aspect of their lives — whether they’re CEOs, managers, remote-team supervisors or telecommuters.

Our COO Chris Corner attended CES and was impressed with the paths MakeFashion is forging.

“Technology is changing our lives with every day that passes,” he says. “We’re living in revolutionary times, and our technology is converging with other aspects of our day-to-day needs. Wearable tech is just the beginning and we’re thrilled to help MakeFashion be a part of the revolution.”

Going on tour

OnConference is the title sponsor of MakeFashion’s second runway gala on March 1 in Calgary. This year’s gala will be followed by plans to take the runway show on tour across North America and to select international shows.

All proceeds from the gala go directly to artists and designers.

Look for us in the lights! See you there?

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