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Telecommuters! Stop, collaborate and listen …

It’s time for a web conference!

Almost half of workers in the United States could be doing their jobs from home.

That’s from a 2011 study by the, a research organization dedicated to emerging workplace strategies.

More and more employers and employees are catching onto the telecommuting trend. They know about the work-life balance benefits, the productivity benefits, the increased cost savings and the reduced impact on the environment.

web conferencing for telecommuters

It may soon be time for even more companies to embrace a work-from-home program.

The Huffington Post earlier this month released its own survey on the top job categories for open flexible jobs. Those jobs fall into:

1. Medical and health
2. Administrative
3. Education and training
4. Sales
5. Web and software development

And that works well, considering flexible-job seekers were looking for jobs in these fields:

1. Nursing
2. Data entry
3. Marketing
4. Writing
5. Java development

Telecommuting has to make sense for the company’s business goals and the job’s requirements. It also has to ensure communication is a priority for managers, supervisors and the teleworkers.

Web conferencing keeps telecommuters connected

With technology, companies can transcend geographical borders and physical limitations.

Web conferencing is one of the key tools your telecommuters need to nurture discussion, sharing and collaboration.

Most web conferencing service, including OnConference Presents!, lets you show PowerPoint slides, meet your teammates via webcam video and share your applications. Presents! is web-based, so anyone with an Internet connection can join in.

With web conferencing, you can:

✓ Introduce new employees on your remote team
✓ Conduct training for telecommuting employees
✓ Demonstrate new products or technologies
✓ Collaborate and share new ideas
✓ Encourage input with chats and polls
✓ Record the presentation and share with absent team members and executive

Web conferencing makes it easy for you to communicate with your employees in real time and have them check in with status updates.

What a great way to hold your weekly standup meetings!

It’s a flexible, at-the-ready solution for bringing everyone together in one place … one virtual place, that is.

And when your employees don’t have to leave their desks for a meeting — whether those desks are in another city, state or country — they can spend more time reaching their milestones and deadlines … and your business goals.

Your turn

How do you use web conferencing to connect with your remote employees?

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