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Schedule people breaks into your telecommuting routine

Wherever, whenever, however.

That’s our mantra when it comes to the workday. At OnConference, we encourage companies to allow their employees to work from home.

Or wherever.

At night, instead of the rigid 9-to-5 schedule.

Or whenever.

On their laptops.

Or however.

Our technology—100 per cent guaranteed conference calling and web conferencing—allows you to communicate with them wherever and whenever.

We can go anywhere but the office.

My new friend Mike from Brainzooming, with whom I connected at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas last month, tapped into the telecommuting trend this week.

After all, folks like us—writers and community managers—can work wherever, whenever and however. It’s almost part of the job description.

And, not to forget, it is the fourth annual National Telework Week in the United States, a movement started by the Mobile Work Exchange.

In his blog, Mike ponders ideas to keep telecommuters from becoming recluses.

He lists:

1. A home office space with lots of natural light
2. A regularly scheduled event with people
3. Meetings with people
4. Connecting with nearby work-from-home friends
5. Remember social media isn’t always real interaction
6. Eat lunch out

You know, like interact with people. I suppose that is more important than talking to the dog all day, right?

I can often be guilty of talking my pup’s ears off, or reaching out to my friends on Twitter and Facebook, hoping one of them will pay attention to me.

But seriously …

telecommuter working

Step away from the desk, telecommuters

Telecommuting can be a lonely existence, especially when you live alone in a new city.

First, let’s not forget the wonderful co-work spaces that are opening all across Canada and the United States. You can rent a desk or private office space by the day, week or month.

It’s a great opportunity to find like-minded people and maybe even collaborate on ideas.

But, here’s how I keep my sanity and feed my social beast:

ઙ Take the dog to an off-leash area where I can chat with other dog owners
ઙ Work an afternoon at Starbucks, the busy noise helps me focus sometimes
ઙ Meet with local clients for coffee, even for a catch-up, how-do-you-do session
ઙ Hang out with my fitness trainer for an hour a week
ઙ Join organizations related to my profession, like startup or marketing clubs (Meetup is a great source for this)
ઙ Beg people to talk to me on Facebook and Twitter

Uh … scratch that last one.

And then there’s the boyfriend I mentioned last week. We live in different cities, so it isn’t like we’re together all the time and can relieve each other of the alone-ness.

He can even go for days without leaving the house or talking to any of his friends.

So another good idea is to have an awesome girlfriend who will visit and drag you out to sample craft beer and eat hot wings.

OK, I kid, I kid about the awesome part.

Er … not really.

Your turn

How do you alleviate the loneliness of telecommuting? Do you have a routine of meetings and dates you keep to get out of the house?

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