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Security features: Keep your conference calls confidential

Sometimes, you need to discuss sensitive issues.

You might need to talk to your team about the company finances, a pending sale, a human-resources issue, or a top-secret product launch.

You don’t, however, want any confidential information to leak into the hands of competitors, the general public or the media.

Restrict access to your call

Your conference calls should have features that allow you to lock down access by anyone wasn’t invited. OnConference’s system has features to add that layer of security to your call, restricting access by unwanted participants.

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Let’s review the features that secure your conference call:

Security Code

Once you’ve given your access phone number and seven-digit access code to individuals on your contact list, they can join any conference call you have scheduled.

You can apply another security code that adds a second level of privacy if you want only select members of your contact list on a single conference call. As the chairperson, you create this security code of between four and nine members after you enter your passcode to start the call.

You must inform all of your participants of the security code if you enable this feature. It might be a good idea to come up with your code and share it in advance, even though you don’t physically create it until your call.

Roll Call and Participant Count

You can check the names and numbers of participants against your invitation list to ensure everyone is present and accounted for … and to make sure no one is there if he shouldn’t be.

✓ Press *# on your dialpad to check the number of participants. You’ll hear a computer voice telling you how many ports are being used on the call. (ports are being used? How about number of people on the call)

✓ Name Record prompts participants to announce their names to be recorded when they join the call. As the chairperson, you can use Name Entry/Exit to let everyone know who joins or leaves the discussion. Or by pressing *9, you can use Roll Call to play the names of all participants.

Conference Lock

Put your conference call on lockdown, preventing anyone else from dialing in. Once you’ve verified that only the people who should be on the call are present, press *4 to block additional callers. If you want others to join the call later, press *5 to unlock the call.

Our conference call security features give you peace of mind that potentially sensitive information remains confidential. They’re easy to use and accessible from your phone’s keypad.

Don’t forget: all your calls are 100 per cent guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with your call, you don’t pay for it.

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