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6 ways to rock your conference call

Conference calls are a vital part of business communications.

They help a business stay connected to remote teams, business partners, your executive team and even your clients.

A conference call brings everyone together at a moment’s under one “roof” without forcing you to pay cumbersome travel costs.

But you’ve sat through some pretty boring conference calls, haven’t you? When your call host drones on, it’s difficult to stay connected to the topic.

You don’t want to repeat his mistakes.

You won’t after learning how to rock your conference call.

6 tips for acing your conference call

If you have your first conference call scheduled, you might be feeling nervous. Before we break into the more detailed stuff, we’ll give you some basic tips: practise what you’re going to say, keep a good supply of water at hand and screw up your courage.

Easy peasy, right?

Here’s how you’re going to dazzle your conference call participants:

1. Start on time

That sounds simple enough, right. You’d be surprised how many conference calls are a few minutes behind, for whatever reason.

Your guests have scheduled your conference call into their busy days and you need to respect that time.

2. Ask questions

People want to be involved in the discussion. They’ll pay better attention to what you’re saying if you engage them in the subject matter by asking questions.

3. Be prepared

If you’re going to ask questions of your audience, let them ask questions in return. You really need to know your stuff and be ready with answers and solutions that might be a bit off script or stray from your notes.

4. Spend time listening

While your conference call participants are responding to your questions or asking their own, pay close attention and take notes. You might learn a few things yourself … and come up with new directions and ideas for your business!

5. Use the mute function

Nobody wants to hear someone else’s paper shuffling, baby crying or dog barking. You can mute your participants’ lines with the OnConference Listen Only feature and unmute them at any time for questions.

6. Stay focused

Yep, you’re busy, too. While you’re holding your conference call, your voicemail light is blinking, your email inbox is filling up and people have knocked on your door five times.

Never mind all that. Give your conference call guests your undivided attention

Get rockin’

Even when you have everyone on mute, think of your conference call as a discussion, rather than a speech.

And remember that OnConference ensures your conference call is carried on a fibre-optic telecommunications network, rather than a VOIP platform. We also have a 100 per cent guarantee — if you’re not happy, you will not pay.

We refund all your charges if you aren’t satisfied with your conference call.

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