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Take virtual meetings to another level with web conferencing

It’s time to bring everyone together.

The logistics of company-wide meetings aren’t quite so easy when you have offices around the globe or telecommuting employees in every corner of the world. Business today means employees, managers, board members and stakeholders are located anywhere in the world.

Customers and clients, too.

web conferencing

Typically a more interactive and intimate setting than webinars, web conferencing allows you to interact with your meeting guests, deliver presentations and transfer documents and files.

Use web conferencing to:

✓ Brainstorm with your team or other departments
✓ Interview remote job candidates
✓ Announce company news, especially product and service releases
✓ Review critical documents
✓ Train your teams on new or updated products and services
✓ Manage customer service with sales, training and technical support

Web conferencing gives you an efficient, cost-effective way to gather everyone for a presentation, training seminar, standup meeting, or a meet-and-greet.

It will help your company:

✓ Save money on travel expenses to bring everyone into the same room
✓ Save time and maintain productivity while employees stay home instead of travelling to meetings
✓ Extend your reach by providing sales and services to customers in international markets
✓ Unite and motivate your work force by engaging them in company business
✓ Push projects forward by promoting discussion among your teams and removing the obstacles your employees encounter in completing their tasks

An easy choice

OnConference Presents! meets your company’s needs with a flexible, at-the-ready solution to share ideas and company information. It’s web-based, which means you and your participants don’t have to install any software to start web conferencing now.

Our feature-rich web conferencing platform lets you upload a PowerPoint presentation and share applications using any web browser. You can switch back and forth between your slides and your desktop to share documents, graphs, applications and video.

Take a peek at the great features on Presents!:

Webcam: Add up to four webcams to a web conference, video that’s viewable by up to 25 participants. Any chairperson, co-presenter or participant can share his or her webcam.

Co-presenter capability: Add a co-presenter to your web conference with a simple click on your dashboard. Co-presenters share all web conference controls.

Share control: Hand the controls of your desktop over to web conference participants. You may want to collaborate on any document, spreadsheet or application, or let your guests test drive a new application.

Video: Show a promotional video or recorded product demo during your presentation. You can upload up to 10 100MB video clips and play them during your web conference.

Polling: Find out what your participants think with an interactive poll and real-time display of results. Your guests get to tell you what they think in formats of yes/no, multiple choice, ranking or opinion.

Chat: Chat privately with individual participants or share messages to the entire guest list. Your participants can also start chat conversations that enrich, but don’t distract from, your presentation.

Watch a Presents! demonstration and then get started on your next meeting.

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