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A telecommuter’s Christmas wish list

Christmas dachshunds

To the love of my life:

Our time apart is coming to a close. I’m divesting myself of all the extras, unnecessaries and somewhat broken stuff as we prepare to merge everything we own.

I’ve scanned the house and chosen the spot where I’ll set up my office. It’s a cute, little corner tucked away from your office, so we won’t cause each other unnecessary distractions. You know the kind where we listen to very different music? Your Top 40 just doesn’t mash up well with my classics from the 1980s.

We’ll tie notes to the dog’s collars and treat her like a carrier pigeon, instead of yelling across hallways and rooms. Or, we could — I suppose — go for the more modern approach and instant message each other.

In the meantime, I need some help getting all the right equipment for my little workspace.

Could you see that Santa gets this list?

1. A fancy new coffee cup

Since we both love Starbucks, it’s an easy choice. You could go with this extravagant Swarovski mug set, marking the company’s 30th anniversary, or the more sensible Heritage 1971 Pike Place set. I’ll leave the choice up to you.

2. Greenery

Did you know Exeter University’s Dr. Chris Knight spent 10 years studying employee happiness and found workers are 15 per cent more productive when their offices have a few houseplants?

desk plants

“If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically engaged, you are happier and you work better,” Knight said.

(Photographs, aromas and better lighting can achieve a similar effect, he noted, but I have lots of pictures of us already.)

3. A good headset

My old one broke and I’ve been improvising. It sucks.

4. A back cushion

Lumbar support and ergonomics aren’t new. It’s no secret that ergonomic working conditions:

✓ Reduce injury and illness
✓ Improve productivity and quality of work
✓ Reduce absenteeism

A more productive me makes more money in the freelance writing world, right? How can that be wrong?

I don’t want us to go all out and get me a new desk and chair, so I’ll take a good cushion for my lower back.

5. A cool desk lamp

The better the lighting, the more work I’m going to get done. Check out this cool vintage desk lamp:

vintage desk lamp

6. A new pair of yoga pants

We both love to stay comfortable. Let’s get each other some new sweats and yoga pants.

7. A bag of supply goodies

Look, you know I’m all about the modern world and I love my technology. But, as a writer, I like to kick it old school a lot of the time. A trip to Staples or Office Depot would fetch you some time under the mistletoe if you came back with some funky-covered notepads and some gel-ink pens.


I’m not asking for too much, am I? And what about our office party?

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