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Missing out on the office Christmas party

Office Christmas party

It’s a festive time of year!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone who has stopped by our blog this year to learn more about telecommuting, conference calling and web conferencing.

Have you had your office Christmas party yet?

How did you bring your telecommuters into the mix?

Don’t forget your remote team

Managing telecommuters brings its own set of challenges to a supervisor’s skillset. Special events, like Christmas parties, can throw a kink into your plans to keep everyone feeling engaged and motivated.

Don’t worry!

You can take some steps to make sure everyone feels involved and appreciated at this time of year.

Invite your telecommuters

Your remote team should be invited to the office festivities. They are part of the team, after all, and should be included in all special functions for the community.

The truth is many of them may not work near the office and can’t make it anyway. The gesture is still important and reminds your telework staff they belong.

Extend a special invitation to those who are within driving distance and stress the opportunity to let their colleagues and executive get to know them on a more personal level.

Give them time off in lieu

One of my favourite features of the office Christmas party was always the free dinner. In fact, my mouth is watering at the thought of a nice roast beef and dark, delicious gravy …. you know, standard fare at catered functions.

If your telecommuters can’t make it to the office party, make it up to them with an afternoon or a day off. How about Christmas Eve?

Call them right now and let them know. Now there’s a Christmas treat!

Send gift cards

Coincidentally, my fiancé, who telecommutes, just opened mail from his boss. It contained a Christmas card and a gift card to one of our favourite restaurants.

The hand-written note was a nice touch, too!

Get everyone around the fireplace

OK, not the fireplace … how about a conference call or web conference to let everyone say hello and share tidings of the season? It doesn’t have to last more than a few minutes. It’s just an opportunity for everyone to say something nice to each other.

No shop talk!

‘Tis the season

Christmas — no matter anyone’s faith or religion — is a great time of year to remind your employees of their value and what their contributions mean to the company’s success.

Make sure to include everyone, especially your telecommuters who often feel out of sight and out of mind, in office activities.

Keep them connected with their colleagues and management teams and you’ll reap the rewards with their productivity in the new year!

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