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We looked at other companies on the internet. Things we found – no guarantee, fixed monthly costs, and no support available during your call. You don’t get that with onConference. You get a premium conference calling service built for business.

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Go To Meeting™ -- -- -- $49
per user
WebEx™ -- -- 30 $49
per user
Free Conference Call® -- -- -- -- 10¢
Lypp™ -- -- -- --
AccuConference® -- OK 30 --9.9¢

OnConference is the only conference call service with toll-free
access in more than 100 countries, 7/24 operator support
and an unconditional guarantee.

4 Things Other Companies Don’t Tell You

They don’t provide support during your call.

Some companies do not provide live support that is available from within a conference. You have to call a separate number while your already on a conference call. We provide 7/24 live operator support available from within any conference by pressing *0.

Their service isn’t reservationless.

Some conference call services require a reservation or have a different access code for every call. Our conference call
service is reservationless, and your access codes are
permanent. Learn how our service works.

Their price doesn’t include toll-free access.

Companies may advertise a lower per minute price but don’t include toll-free access. Your participants will pay to join the conference. OnConference’s toll-free pricing includes all access and conferencing charges. Just 19¢ for the US & Canada.
View numbers & pricing for 100+ countries.

Their infrastructure
uses VoIP.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transmits your conference audio over the internet rather than a telecom network. This may not provide reliable audio quality for business communications. At onConference, our audio quality is guaranteed. Read our guarantee.

Still Have Questions?

> See how audio conferencing works.

> See where we have international conference call numbers.

> Read what others are saying about us.

> Check out our FAQ.

Or just call us at 1.877.466.626 (+1.613.225.4249) or email




The comparison is from an April 2011 review of selected Google Adwords advertisements and company websites. Companies do change their prices, websites, toll-free numbers and features without notifying us. The accuracy of this list is not guaranteed. All names and trademarks belong to the respective companies.

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