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Conference Call Features

Be in control of your conference call.

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OnConference offers a rich set of features that lets you track your usage, manage your participants and more. They’re easy to use, many accessible from your telephone keypad. We make your conference calls secure, productive and trouble free.

For a full description and how to use each feature, check out the User Guide.


conference call lock  

Secure Your Call
Maybe you’re about to disclose some sensitive information. Or you’ve reached the number of callers you want participating. Use Lock *4/Unlock *5 to block additional callers from dialing in. You can also add a Security Code that participants must enter to access your call.

conference call control  

Know Your Participants
We have a few different features to ensure you know who’s on your call. Call us to activate Name Record to prompt participants for their names when they join the call. Name Entry/Exit plays those recorded names to let everyone know who has joined or left the discussion. Roll Call *9 plays the names of participants. Count Participants *# tells you the number of people on your call.

mute all  

Control Conference Audio
You might want to defer participant discussions or Q"&"A sessions for the end of a call. With Mute Lines ## you can stop the chatter and proceed with what you need to say. Participants can un-mute themselves at any time. Use Listen Only (#1/#2) to mute every participant with no option for them to un-mute.

no chairperson  

Conference Without The Chairperson
The chairperson doesn’t always have to be present. QuickStart allows a conference to begin without the chairperson. This can come in handy for emergency or disaster recovery calls. Conference Continuation allows a conference to continue after the chairperson disconnects from the call. Normally, all participants would be disconnected.

conference call dialout  

Dial Out To Anywhere
Dial out *1 to any telephone number, domestic and international, and add a participant to your conference call. Activate from any conference call and our voice prompts will walk you through it. This allows you to call anywhere we don’t have an access phone number.

name record  

Record Your Call
Press *2 during any conference call and record it. Access your recording from MyRecordings on our website. Download the file or distribute a link to the recording by email, post it to Facebook, or tweet it to your followers You can also turn your recording file into a podcast. > learn more about recordings.

Customize Languages  

Customize Your Languages
Change the language in which you hear the service prompts. Choose from English, French, UK English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese and Portuguese. Contact us to select your language.

Conferece Call Summary Email

Summary Email

OnConference sends you a next-day summary email, complete with participant phone numbers and the duration each one was on the conference call. This helps you track your usage.

Bill By Project or Department

Project / Department Account Codes allow you to assign costs to a particular department or project within your company.

View and update your Project / Department Account Codes from our website using the Recent Usage function on myAccount.

account codes

Charges with a Project / Department Account Codes will be grouped together and summarized on your bill and on the Recent Usage function on myAccount.

Optionally, you can be prompted at the start of each call to enter an Account Code.

MyAccount Screen

Online Access To Your Account

All invoices, payment information and account history are available on our website through myAccount.

Sign in to our website to view all the chairpersons on your account, deactivate the service instantly for people who leave your company, view recent conferencing activity and update account codes for any call.

We Mail You a Reference Card

Keep your access information and feature codes close for easy reference. Every chairperson receives a personalized wallet card in the mail. The card shows the permanent access code and the access phone numbers for the chairperson’s country.

The back of the card shows a list of features and how to activate them with your telephone keypad.

chairperson card front
chairperson card back

In-Conference Features


Record the conference

Dial out to participant *1


change entry/exit announcement

operator help (public)



lock conference

operator help (private)



unlock conference

count participants



mute line

mute all lines



un-mute line

un-mute all lines



conference continues after chairperson exits

listen only on



roll call

listen only off


Available to chairperson only. Available to chairperson & participants.

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