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Recording Your Conference

Conference recorder is a feature available during any onConference audio or web conference. Activate conference recorder during any conference call and capture your conference audio into a digital recording file. Use conference recorder during a web conference and it will capture both your conference audio and all web visuals in a single recording. You can download your recording file or distribute a link for playback. There is a $19 charge for each recording activation with free storage and unlimited replays.

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Conference recorder is not exactly as shown.

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Record a Conference Call

Any chairperson can record a conference call by pressing *2 on their telephone keypad. After the conference has ended, a link to the recording file is emailed to the chairperson. Your recording file is stored online until you delete it.

  recording a conference call

web conference recorder

Record a web conference

The conference recorder will capture both the conference audio and all web conference visuals into a single recording file. That means PowerPoint slides, annotations, desktop views, and applications are recorded. You can activate the conference recording feature using the “Record Meeting” button on the web conference control panel.


Anyone can use a flash-equipped web browser to playback a conference recording. During playback the recording audio keeps pace with the visuals. Controls can be used to advance, pause or rewind the recording. You can limit access to the recording by requiring entry of security codes prior to replay. You may also require that participants complete a registration form prior to playback.


Click the window above to playback a recording.

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Publish a playback link by email, post it to your Facebook page or tweet it to your followers. You can download the recording audio in MP3, WAV, u-law and g.711 formats. Download audio & web conference recordings in Flash or MP4 formats. They are yours to keep. Burn a CD or upload your recording to YouTube. See the recorder demo on YouTube. Read more about publishing your recordings.


You can turn any conference recording into a podcast. Simply select a recording file and add it to your podcast feed. We provide you with a web page where people can subscribe to your podcast or you can build your own links. A podcast subscriber can listen to the conference audio and view the web visuals using iTunes, their iPod or any online playback website. View the podcast subscription page for all onConference recorded demonstrations.

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