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What Our Customers are Saying

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Audio Conference Calling

"OnConference was the best conferencing company I have worked with. They are easy to use for my participants and are profitable for me. Their personalized approach to service guarantees they are always easy to reach and helpful."
Colleen Francis • President • Engage Selling

"We looked into about 6 different companies on the internet. Yours had the best reviews, and we liked the permanent access code (which not everyone else was offering), and you also came up trumps because all we had to do was hit 0 when we needed an operator. Your service appeared very reliable from the reviews as well as offering a very competitive rate, and that’s why we thought we would give it a try. We are very happy we did. The monthly invoices are very detailed, with the breakdown of each call, which really helps in our billings to clients."
Carolyn Langton • Executive Assistant to David C. Bentall • Next Step Advisors Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that we have been using onconference for about eight months and we are very happy with it. We deal with a lot of ad agencies (both in USA and Canada) and need to be able to speak with them and their clients all at the same time. I like that no one ever has any difficulty dialing in (it's reliable!) and the sound quality is excellent. I also love the fact that you can easily record the call as well."
Suzanne Doyle-Ingram • President • Strategic List Services, Inc. •

"I want to pass on positive feedback to the onconference team about how EASY it is to do business with you. We've been an onConference on demand conference calling customer for roughly a year and the quality of service has been flawless. When I inquired recently about the onconference Presents Webinar service, again I was impressed with Chris's knowledge and how he explained that we immediately had access to the webinar service. I highly recommend onconference services to any organization looking for ad-hoc or contractual voice conferencing and webinar services. (And yes you can post this on your website if you like.) "
Ramon Ayre • VP Sales • Imaginet Resources Corp

"I find onconference to be a great tool for conducting qualitative marketing research--online telefocus groups and in-depth interviews--a methodologically sound (sometimes more so) and less expensive alternatives to in-person research. The service provides my clients with choices and flexibility in conducting their marketing research."
Mark Eisner • Mark Eisner & Associates • Knoxville TN USA

"We are very happy with the onconference service and we use it everyday. It is very simple to set up, and very easy to use. I have no trouble recommending this service to others."
Ken Corner • Director of Operations • Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd. •

"I did indeed use your service on the weekend and it work perfectly and all my parties connected with no issues. This is a great and convenient service, that really works, and is economical as well."
Mike Mack, MBA, FICB • X5 Management Inc. •

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International Conference Calling

"We’ve used onConference for several months for calls within the UK and with our US clients, and have found it to be excellent. Put simply: it works, is simple to use, and does everything you need it to. Exactly what you want from a conference service."
Rory Kingan • Chief Technology Officer • Priory Solutions Ltd., London, United Kingdom

"We have been using onconference for some time now. It is an essential tool for us, especially as we produce using a number of elements and teams from around the world for any one project. The ability to use onConference remotely allows us to be on set anywhere in world and still conduct business as usual. The number of international access points, quality of the calls, and functions are backed up with fantastic customer service and support. Should there not be an access number the dial out facility is a tremendous help."
Tony Lehal • Executive Producer • Filmmaster MEA , Dubai Studio City, UAE

"Yesterday I started with the service and it worked perfectly. Thanks. "
Natalia Florez • Executive Assistant to CEO & PR Officer • Hartington Pharmaceutical • Barcelona, Spain

"Our team had a VERY positive experience with you guys ... and this is after several poor experiences with other companies. Thanks."
Jason Held • Team Enterprise • Sydney, Australia

"Just off an onconference call connecting the US, London and Paris. Onconference worked like a charm -- great sound quality. Very impressed. "
Michael L. Whitener • Principal & Co-Founder • VistaLaw International LLC • Washington DC USA

"Love the service – about to try the webinar thing. "
Chris Anstey • Chris Anstey Limited • UK •

"Our experience with onConference has been overwhelmingly positive. We needed a flexible environment that could handle our widely distributed group, and onConference has provided a great framework. The non-North American toll free numbers have made the service work for us. Support is easy to access and helpful."
Phil Brock • Managing Director • Agile Alliance • Dundee OR USA

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Web Conferencing

"Your web conferencing service is great and very helpful – we have a large project with people in Ireland, USA and Canada. Thanks so much. "
Marlene Conway • COO • Envision Tech Inc.

"The Canadian Real Estate Association and several other regional boards have been using this service with excellent results for online training and presentations at a fraction of the cost of in-person meetings. It is simple and easy to use. CREA wants to champion leading-edge services with our membership to help them facilitate online training and remote presentations, and lower overall program costs."
Marc Lafrance • Director Marketing • CREA

"Love it!!! Easy to manage, easy for participants to log into. Best web conference system we have used."
Glenn Weiers • VP • Papaya Research Inc.

"Your competitors that we had tried previously are not nearly as comprehensive or competitive in terms of software, price point or customer service. "
Ryan Powers • VP of Sales

"I’ve used onconference for telephone/online focus groups on the client and supplier sides for years - with great results every time..... Having examined competitive offerings, I can tell you that you won't find a better solution for your telephone/online focus groups. Onconference takes care of everything you need - unmatched ease of use for participants and observers, valuable features that veteran moderators will appreciate, and truly exceptional service...."
Tom Beggs • Stat One Research • Atlanta GA USA

"I really like the fact that it takes me five minutes to learn how to use your service to make a remote sales presentation."
Keely Brown • Director of Sales

"OnConference is an extraordinarily simple and cost-effective means of mastering communication in organizations with scattered stakeholders. As a business owner, I have used both web conferencing and teleconferencing to seamlessly direct activities nationwide. As a business advisor, I enthusiastically recommend OnConference."
Jeff Gunther • President • Kingdom Business Group Secret Homes

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Invoicing and Billing

"The format of the invoices is really great!"
Phil Brock • Operations Manager • Agile Alliance • Dundee OR USA

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Support and Service

"We’ve been using onConference audio and web services for the past two years and find their customer service to be the best we’ve experienced amongst our service providers."
Bruce Clarke • President • Superna Life Sciences •

"Thank you so much for your prompt service. You are a definite gem in the business world and true to your word to “touch base” with me periodically. I really appreciate the effort. "
Solange Hosselet • Canadian Medical Transcription Solution Inc.

"Thanks … you are the best! "
Kathleen Maynard • Office Administrator

"Thanks a million. "
Tina Chisamore • Office Manager

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