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Conference Calls

How does your service work?

Typically, you dial a 1800 toll free number, enter an access code and a passcode to start a call.

What is the maximum number of participants on a conference call?

We set up your subscription with a maximum of 96.

Does the same toll-free number work in both the USA and Canada?


Yes. The same toll-free number works from anywhere in the USA and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Do my access codes (7-digit access code and passcode) stay the same?

The 7-digit access code is permanently assigned to the chairperson and does not change on a per-call basis. Your passcode can be changed anytime.

How do participants outside the USA & Canada access my calls?

International participants dial the access phone number for their country. answer...

What security features are available?

You can add a security code to any conference call.

What happens if participants dial in and the chairperson does not join?

Participants are kept on music on hold for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Can our company host multiple conference calls at the same time?

Yes. Any number of chairpersons can hold their conference calls at the same time.

Does onConference work with Skype?

Yes. Note that Skype uses Voice Over IP technology which can impact audio quality.

Does onConference work with MagicJack?

Yes. Note that MagicJack uses Voice Over IP technology which can impact audio quality.

I have a Canadian cellphone and I am travelling in the United States. I have heard that Verizon or AT&T may block the calls to your network. Is this true?

No! You should have no problems connecting from the US.

Can I simultaneously dial out to a group of participants?

Yes. The phonebook feature in onConference Presents! allows the Chairperson

Is there any way to get a transcript of a conference call?

We don't provide transcription services. However, you can record the conference call using our conference record feature and use a third-party transcription company.

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International Conference Calls

I have a participant in a country not on your access phone numbers and countries list, how do they join a conference call?

Participants in countries with no access phone number can dial the International Access

Are my conference participants charged for using the international toll-free number?

No. The chairperson incurs the costs.

We are located outside of the USA and Canada. Is it possible to use your service?

Yes. You can use onConference from any country. To get started, sign-up here.

The international toll-free access phone number has too many / too few digits. Can you confirm the number?

Toll-free numbers in many countries can look different from a toll-free number in the USA or

If I am using a toll access phone number (not toll free), is there any cost per participant?

Yes. You still pay the per-minute price shown beside the country, regardless of whether a participant uses the toll-free or toll access phone number.

I am currently travelling internationally, but using my US / Canadian cellphone. Which international number should I use for the call?

You should use the access phone number for the country where you are located. The direct dial number (+1.416.620.1296) can also be used from any country.

Is there a customer support number for enquires outside the US and Canada?

Country-specific support numbers are shown under the support column on our list of countries and phone numbers. You can also call +1.303.389.4086 from any country.

Can I use the international toll-free numbers to access onConference Presents?

Yes. Any toll-free or toll access phone number can be used to login.

Can I include international phone numbers in the phonebook?

Yes. The phonebook will accept international numbers, but they must have the 011 prefix.

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Conference Recording

Is there a charge for recording a conference call?

You pay $19 per recording activation. An activation is when you press *2 on a conference call or press the "Record" button on a web conference.

Is there a charge for replay or storage of a recording?

There are no playback or storage fees.

If I start a recording, will participants be notified?

Participants on the conference will hear a message that the call is being recorded. Participants joining a recorded conference will not be notified.

Can the recorded files be downloaded?

Yes. They can be downloaded in Flash (.flv) (Audio & Visual) and MP3 (audio only) format.

Can I erase part of a recording or edit it?

Yes. You can edit a recording using the recording editing feature that is part of Meeting Manager. Editing a recording is described in the Meeting Podcasting and Recorder User Guide

How large is a recording file?

An average one hour, audio-only file is approximately 7 MB.

Can I assign a security passcode to recording files, so it is required for playback?


If I change the security code today for a recorded file, and I sent the playback link to a viewer last month, will they have to enter the new security code to access it?

Yes. The current security code is always required to access the file, regardless of when the link was sent out.

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Web Conferencing

Does your web conferencing, onConference Presents!, handle video?

Yes. You can upload up to ten 100 MB video clips and insert them into a presentation. We support Flash, MPEG and Windows Media Player video formats.

Can I use my webcam to show a video of the presenter?

Yes. You can add up to 4 webcams to your web conference, viewable by up to 25 participants.

What is the maximum number of participants on a web conference?

3000. However, your audio conference maximum is 96 (or 300 -- see above).

Can I use your web conferencing service without using your audio conferencing?

Yes. However if you use our recording feature, there will be no audio recorded.

Can my participants see who else is on the web conference?

No. Not unless you deliberately choose to show your participant list, chat windows or web conference controls. The default when using desktop sharing is to hide the full web conference control panel, so your participant list is not shown.

Can the participants chat with each other using the chat feature?

No. The participants will only be able to chat with the chairperson or co-presenters.

What presentation formats can I upload?

Supported presentation file types are Powerpoint (.ppt), PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx), JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP.

How can I show a document that is not one of your supported file types?

You can use the application sharing (PC) or desktop sharing feature (PC & Mac) to show any type of document. As a chairperson, select "Share Applications" and then select the application you want to show.

How large a presentation can I upload?

27 MB is the maximum size of file you can upload for use with onConference Presents!.

If my participants login online before I start a web conference, what happens?

Your participants will wait in the online lobby.

How do I delete a presentation?

Select multiple slides by holding down the shift key and clicking any two slides with your mouse. Then right click your mouse and the "Delete All" option will appear.

Do I need to start a web conference before I can upload a new slide presentation?

No. The Chairperson can upload a new file and add/delete slides without starting a web conference.

Will slide animation work in onConference Presents!?

No. However, you may show any application on you computer using the share desktop feature. This will allow you to show slides with animation.

Can participants download, save or print the presentation I am showing?

Participants are able to print the current slide they are viewing by using the web browser's print feature. Participants do not have access to the presentation file to download or save it.

Can I add a security passcode to my web conference?


What are the system requirements for onConference Presents! web conferencing?

onConference Presents! works with just about any browser on any PC, Mac or Unix platform. A full list of onConference Presents system requirements is here.

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my Account

How do I add an additional chairperson to my account?

Login to my Account. Select "Add Chairperson".

How do I remove a chairperson from my account?

You must be an account administrator. Login to my Account.

What is an account administrator?

An account administrator is a chairperson with administrator rights.

How can I add an account administrator?

Any administrator can add a chairperson, then enable account administrator rights.

How can I change my 7-digit access code?

Contact the Conference Center at 1.800.804.8608 or +1.303.389.4086.

How do I change my passcode?

Online: Login to my Account. Select "Chairperson Information".

I have forgotten my access code and/or passcode. How I can have them resent?

Go to the my Account login page. Under "Misplaced Your Access Codes?", enter the email you used to sign up. Your access codes will be resent to that email address.

What is a Project / Department Account Code?

Project / department Account Codes allow you to assign costs to a particular department

I signed up for your service, why have my access codes not come through?

We apologize for the delay. The account required a manual review and approval

How do I cancel my account?

Simply send an email to Remember there is no charge to keep your account open and we can turn it back on if you change your mind.

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Billing & Payment

I am having a 1 hour call with me as chairperson and 4 other participants in North America (USA & Canada). How much is that going to cost?

The pricing model is simple. The price is per line per minutes, and you pay only for the time you use.

Do you have any monthly pricing packages?

No. Monthly packages are limited in the number of attendees or usage per month. There can be extra charges for toll-free access, additional participants or minutes used in excess of your package limits.

Are there any set-up charges?

No. There are no set-up charges of any kind.

Are there any extra charges or fees?

No. There are no extra charges or fees.

Why is there a “Foreign Transaction Fee” on my credit card?

That fee is not charged by onConference. Some credit card companies assess an extra fee because onConference is located outside of your country.

I am having a 1 hour call with me in the US as chairperson and 4 other participants. 1 in China, 2 in the UK and 1 in the Chile. How much is that going to cost?

All pricing is shown on our access phone numbers and rates page.

How am I billed?

We send you an invoice showing all charges for the month. Invoices are sent on the 5th of the month by email. Customers in USA and Canada are given the option of receiving their invoice by mail.

How does payment work?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

How can I update my credit card details?

Login to my Account. If you are the administrator of the account, you can then update your credit card payment information and other billing and payment details.

How can I obtain a past invoice?

Login to my Account. If you are the administrator of the account, you can then access all your invoices and see all your payments. If you are not an administrator and feel you should be, email us.

I have received an "Audio Usage Summary Email" but there is no cost information? Where can I find charges for my last call?

Audio Usage Summary emails do not show charges. Recent charges are shown under my Usage in the "my Account" menu item.

Can I pay by EFT or Direct Deposit? ACH? Wires?

Direct Deposit (also known as EFT or ACH) is available to our Canadian customers. Our Bank details are: more...

Can I pay by wire?

Wire payment is available. A fee of $40 will be applied if the amount of payment is less than $400. Our bank details are: more...

Why does my credit card company tell me you charged my card when I signed up?

We processed a pre-authorization to ensure the card was valid. Some credit card company's fraud prevention systems report this as a payment notification. We do not charge your card on sign-up.

Can you please send us your W9 form?

We are a Canadian company, so use our W-8BEN instead. Find it here.

Can you please provide your terms and conditions?

They are found on our terms and conditions webpage.

What is a "Fed Universal Service Fund" charge?

For customers in the United States, all telecommunications service providers

When do charges for a conference call begin?

Billing begins when the conference participants connect and enter a conference access code. Charges for a participant end when they leave the conference.

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