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How Our Conference Calls Work

Conference call with no reservations. Or hassles. Or delays.


Connect many people together using your
normal telephone.


No advanced booking or reservation is required.


Receive your own dedicated access codes.
Use them for one call or many calls.


How To Hold A Conference Call

conference calling phone  

Everyone dials an access phone number and enters the 7-digit access code. Participants (up to 96) are kept on ‘music on hold’ until the chairperson enters the passcode.

conference call connect  

The chairperson dials in (though an access phone number) and enters the passcode -- the conference call begins. All participants can speak and listen to everyone else on the conference.

. View a short demo of our conference call service.

How Toll-Free Access Works

Toll-free access means your participants do not pay a long distance charge to access your conference call. The chairperson pays all charges for the call.

For the US & Canada a single toll-free access phone number works in both countries.

USA & Canada

Toll-Free 1.866.305.1460
(toll) +1.416.620.1296

For international conference calls there are toll-free access phone numbers located in 103 countries. We also provide toll numbers in many countries as a back up. Participants using the toll numbers may incur long distance charges.

>View the international conference call web page to see all 100+ access phone numbers and pricing.

You should sign up now. It’s free to sign up and give us a try. If you don’t like our service for any reason, you won’t pay anything.

30 second automated set-up.
Sign up for conference call service
No contract or minimums.

conference call pricing  

Pricing Pricing for the USA, Canada and 20 other countries starts at 19 cents per minute per person. The pricing includes both toll-free access and conferencing charges. Go to our international conference call page for pricing for all 100+ countries.

credit card  

Billing You will receive a detailed invoice each month you use the service. Want to split costs across different departments or projects? You can assign account codes to any conference call and the invoice will break out the associated costs.

credit card  

Payment Pay automatically by credit card 14 days after the invoice arrives (any country), via ACH (USA), EFT (Canada), wires, or mail a check (USA & Canada).

computer screen  

On-line Account Management Access your account through our website using the “My Account” menu. You can manage all the chairpersons on the account, view all your invoices, update your payment information and review recent conferencing activity.

conference call features  

In-conference Features Use your telephone keypad to activate 16 different in-conference features. Press ** to list all available features during any conference. 

conference call features  

Support The Conference Call Support Center is available all hours at 1.800.804.8608 or +1.514.282.4047. From any conference, press *0 and a live operator will assist you.

Still Have Questions?

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Want To Talk?


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Additional Services and Features

Meeting Manager

Meeting manager is a free, web-based service for sending out invitation, reminder and follow-up emails for your onConference audio and web conferences. You can access information about your conferences including participant registration details, attendees, poll results & recordings

>Learn More about Meeting Manager.

  recording a conference call
web conference recorder  


You can use conference recorder during any conference call and capture your conference audio into a digital recording file. Use conference recorder during a web conference and it will capture both your conference audio and all web visuals in a single recording. You can download your recording file or distribute a link for playback.

>Learn More about Conference Recorder & pricing.

Web Conferencing

OnConference Presents is a web conferencing service that lets you show PowerPoint slides and share your applications with your conference call participants. It works in any web browser on any computer. There is no software download required for your participants.

>Learn More about Web Conferencing & pricing.

  web conferencing

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