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Meeting Manager

Meeting manager is a free, web-based service for sending out invitation, reminder and follow-up emails for your onConference audio and web conferences. Emails can be customized with your company logo, meeting description, and presenter profile. You can access information about your conferences including participant registration details, attendees, poll results & recordings.

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Invite Report Record Contacts

Send Invitations

Any chairperson can send an invitation for their conference call or web conference using meeting manager. Participants receive a personalized email with the meeting description and conference access codes. Meeting manager also makes it possible to schedule a reminder email, follow-up with no shows, send a post-conference survey and customize the login information entered by participants for each conference. Emails can be customized with your company logo, a link to your website, and a presenter profile.

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Reporting & Download

Every conference has rich reporting. For any web conference, you can: report on the participant information captured during conference registration & login, review the conference chat log, see how individual participants responded to conference polls or post-conference surveys and review recording replay reports. All conference participant information can be downloaded for email follow up, importing into your CRM or viewing in a spreadsheet.

Publish Recordings

You can publish your recordings by emailing a playback link, posting it to Facebook or tweeting it to your followers. We provide the HTML code to easily imbed a playback window directly into your webpage. The recording editor can be used to add polish to recording files by removing any pre-conference chatter or unwanted sections. Just pick the places to cut and our recording editor seamlessly slices out the audio and visuals.

conference recording on YouTube   See the meeting manager demo on YouTube.

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Podcast Recordings

We provide everything you need to turn your conference recording into a podcast with a single button click. That means subscribers to your podcast can hear the conference audio and see the web conference visuals on their iPods.


Your contacts are available for individual or group dial out when uploaded to the integrated conference phone book. Simply dial out to a contact by selecting their name from the list and clicking a button. On-screen prompts will give you the option to add them to your conference or disconnect and redial. Select multiple contacts and the service will dial out simultaneously and ask your participant to join your conference. When you import a contact’s name and phone number they will appear by name in the web conference participant area for easy identification and control.

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