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Web Conferencing

The perfect collaborator to your conference call – onConference Presents!

OnConference Presents is a web conferencing service that lets you show PowerPoint slides and share your applications with your conference call participants. It works in any web browser on any computer. There is no software download required for your participants.

web conferencing service

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Present Share Interact Record

Make a Presentation

With onConference Presents! you can upload your PowerPoint slides and start showing them in seconds. You can select any slide in the web conference control window and it displays instantly in your participant’s browser window. Annotate your slides using the colored pens and highlighter or share the presentation controls with a co-presenter.

web conferencing controls

web conferencing desktop sharing

Show Your Stuff

You can move from your presentation to a demonstration using the show desktop feature. Your participants can view your entire desktop. Its just like they were looking over your shoulder. Want to be selective in what you show? Select only a single application and everything else will remain hidden from your participant’s view.

Play a Video Clip

Show a promotional video or recorded product demo to your participants. You can easily upload up to ten 100MB video clips and play them anytime during any presentation. We support Flash, MPEG and Windows Media Player formats.

web conference video

web conference polling and web conference chat window

Poll Your Participants

Take your participant’s pulse with interactive polling and real-time display of results. All the poll responses are captured for reporting and individual follow up. You can choose from six poll types: yes/no, multiple choice with single or multiple answers, ranking or opinion polls. Gather general comments using a simple text box.

Share Your Work

Collaborate with your co-workers on any document, spreadsheet or application using the share applications feature. Or you can let your conference participants test drive your demonstration or take a tour of your website by granting them control of your desktop.

web conferencing screen sharing

web conference with webcam video window


Have up to 4 webcams during your conference, viewable by up to 25 participants. Any chairperson, co-presenter or participant can share their webcam.


Conference Chat

The chairperson can chat privately with individual participants or broadcast messages to the whole web conference. Your conference participants can ask a question by typing a chat message or ‘raise their hands‘ to ask you verbally. You are notified of both these events in your web conferencing control window.

chat with web conference chairperson
web conference participant window

web conference audio controls

Manage Your Conference Audio

Built in controls let you manage your conference call audio. You can select listen only mode to have your participants enter the conference with their audio lines muted. Unmute participant’s lines for a Q&A session and mute everyone again when your done. Dial out to any participant to add them to your conference. If your concerned about security, you can lock the audio conference to stop additional participants from dialing in.

Record & Playback Your Meeting

With the record meeting feature you can capture everything said and shown during your conference into a single recording file. You can distribute a playback link by email or publish it to Facebook or Twitter. Imbed a recording replay window directly into your website or publish your recordings as a podcast with a single click. You can always download the recording file to your computer. It’s yours to keep. Control access by requiring registration or entry of a security code prior to playback.
Read more about the recording and podcasting features.

web conferencing recording
web conference recording replay
web conference phone book

Integrated Phone Book

Keep your conference contacts handy by importing them into the integrated conference phonebook. You can dial out to any contact with a single click or select a group of participants and dial-out to everyone simultaneously.

web conference participant view

Easy Viewing

All your participants need to join your web conference is a standard web browser. There are no software downloads or system checks required. Your web conference visuals appear in a simple web conference window. A single button lets them expand the web conference window to fill their full screen.

Easy Entry

Do your participants need Flash or Java-equipped browsers? You don’t need to care! Our web conferencing service works with whatever is installed on your participant’s browser. You don’t need to know whether they are on a PC, Mac or UNIX machine -- they can join your web conference from any computer.

join a web conference

web conference support

Live Operator Support 7/24

Pressing “Operator” on the audio controls brings a live Conference Center Operator into your conference. If one of your participants is having problems, ask them to press *0, an Operator will join their line, they will be taken out of the conference so their issue can be dealt with and your meeting can move on.

Billing & Pricing

OnConference Presents! is used with our audio conference calling service. Pricing is 20 cents per minute per line for the web conference plus 19 cents per minute per participant for the audio conference. The charges appear together on your invoice as follows:

2008-08-11 13:29:15 EDT: Web Conference
Leg Type Name / Caller ID Duration   Rate       Total   
North American Toll Free Access613 667 9943  73 minutes @ $0.19 /min$  13.87 
North American Toll Free Access801 866 6553  72 minutes @ $0.19 /min$    6.08 
North American Toll Free Access407 555 9856  71 minutes @ $0.19 /min$  13.49 
UK Global 800 Toll-Free Access44 207 023 9790  40 minutes @ $0.19 /min$    7.60 
Web ConferenceChairperson  93 minutes @ $0.20 /min$  18.60 
Web ConferenceChris  103 minutes @ $0.20 /min$  18.20 
Web ConferenceSteve  62 minutes @ $0.20 /min$  12.40 
Web ConferenceSheri  69 minutes @ $0.20 /min$  13.80 
Subtotal for call:571 minutes $104.04 

Hosting A Webinar

You can host a webinar using onConference audio and web conferencing services. Combine the clarity and interactivity of a telecom conference call with the ease of access of our web conferencing. Use our meeting manager features to promote your webinar and make the registration and reminder process easy.

• Send out invitations with your corporate logo, speaker’s bio and picture featured on the email.

• Automatically send out registration confirmations with the conference access information imbedded in the email.

• Schedule reminder email and send attendees and no-shows separate follow-up messages. Read more about these features.

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